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Temporary staffing

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Temporary staffing

Fill in temporary positions readily

Temporary staffing is the need of the hour to fill in positions left vacant due to maternity and paternity leave, sickness leave and other reasons. Virtuoso is one of the leading temporary staffing providers in India. We meet all your temporary staffing needs using our readily updated applicant database. Trust us to find prospective employees in all sectors.


Administration Roles

  • > Managing meetings and schedules
  • > Organizing and storing paperwork
  • > Receptionist
  • > Arranging travel needs

Human Resources role

  • > Talent management
  • > Training requirements
  • > Workplace safety
  • > Employee benefits

Customer Support Roles

  • > Answer queries
  • > Troubleshoot problems
  • > Customer feedback
  • > Live chat availability

Finding You the Leaders of Tomorrow

We fulfill each of your hiring requirements – be it short-term, long-term or last-minute.

  • Short Term Hiring
  • Last Minute Hiring
  • Immediate Hiring

Short Term Hiring

Need to acquire talent to meet short-term positions in your business? Be it for one day, one week or one-month Virtuoso finds the right talent within minutes.

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Last Minute Hiring

We also cater the last-minute hiring requirements of our clients through our automated and highly reliable database management systems.

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Immediate Hiring

Outsource staffing needs even for immediate hiring. Get a deserving applicant within a day, be it for part-time, full-time, remote, work from home or hybrid.

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Service Advantages

Advantages of Temporary Staffing Solutions / Why Us

  • Qualified Candidates

    Quality over quantity is crucial for us.

  • Save Your Money

    Ditch investing in a long recruitment process

  • Broad Network

    Find the best proposals internationally, nationally, and locally

  • Save Your Time

    No time and effort wasted in going through multiple applications

  • Improve Productivity

    Take time in things where your business needs you

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